ReadSpeaker TextAidParents of students who struggle to read are concerned not only with helping their children with literacy, but also in promoting their child’s self esteem and ensuring a lifetime of learning. Children with learning disorders such as dyslexia not only have difficulties in reading, but also have trouble keeping up to grade level in the rest of their schooling, and can find education in general a frustrating and alienating experience. However, what is known as text to speech programs are part of the evolving Universal Design for Learning concept, providing the framework for a flexible approach to learning, and can often help with these challenges. This cutting edge technology works as a personal reader, reading texts aloud while the child reads the highlighted written text. The benefits of using this type of technology for children with learning disabilities are numerous. By presenting information in various sensory forms (visual, aural, etc) students are stimulated in multiple ways, making it easier for them to learn. This ease helps the reader become an independent learner, allowing students with cognitive disabilities to become autonomous in their education. Students gain confidence in their ability to learn and express themselves. And of course encouraging autonomy leads to a lifetime of self-determination and independence, skills that are particularly challenging for children with learning difficulties. Text to voice convertors assist children in reading and understanding at their grade level, and make written curricula more accessible. A literacy disorder will no longer mean struggling with reading comprehension. But this technology is not only about reading texts out loud. ReadSpeaker’s TextAid text to voice program, for example, will enhance the learning experience and allow for even more autonomy with its tools for researching, reading, and uploading documents for use at any time. This state of the art text to speech program also has writing assistance and text read back so that learners can naturally follow on from their reading by developing their writing skills in an encouraging manner. And with the ReadSpeaker TextAid online text reader, students can access texts and documents at any time and anywhere, again emphasizing their independence and encouraging self-sufficiency. Famously dyslexic, Winston Churchill once said “Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.” With technology based literacy tools such as ReadSpeaker TextAid, parents and educators can now turn the challenge of reading into a marvelous opportunity.