The Swedish Local Heritage FederationHembygdens år 2016 logo now uses ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech technology to speech-enable content on their website. As stated on their website, “The mission of this grass-roots movement is to preserve, protect, share, and develop local cultural heritage.” Throughout Sweden there are 26 affiliated regional federations, 2,000 hembygd, or ‘local heritage’ (although there is no direct English equivalent) societies, totaling 450,000 individual members. The Federation is politically and religiously independent and rests on shared values. The hembygd movement is part of modern Swedish society and originally began as a reaction to industrialization and urbanization. One of the largest social movements in Sweden, it has a humanistic and democratic approach. Anyone can join, regardless of cultural background. The Federation embraces the diverse forms of heritage that occur over time and migration, and it works to create a sense of community, security and a sense of identity within each hembygd center. The Federation is celebrating its centenary in 2016 and has designated a theme, ‘Hembygdens år’, or the year of local heritage. The celebration will promote awareness of the hembygd movement and its relevance in contemporary society. ReadSpeaker is proud to work with the Swedish Local Heritage Federation and help make the content on their website more accessible to more people with the power of text to speech.   #hembygd #hembygdensar #SHF #ReadSpeaker