Join us as we illustrate how TextAid can help to improve the way students learn and study. TextAid is a complete, easy-to-use read-aloud reading, writing, and studying solution for all students, including struggling readers and language learners. It offers accessibility features that can aid students in the retention of materials as well as enables students to be confident, autonomous learners.

Many of these tools can be used together to complete the processes that are difficult for students with diagnosed and undiagnosed disabilities. According to TTAC Online (2018), some strategies for students with cognitive disabilities include:

  • learning to take notes
  • using different colors for various steps in a process
  • balancing the use of audio and visual presentations
  • providing audio versions of lessons

In this ReadSpeaker webinar series, we will demonstrate how TextAid’s incorporates these strategies into its suite of learning tools in order to assist students as they interact with websites, emails, scanned documents, textbooks, PDFs and more.

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