The French Council of State has recently added ReadSpeaker on its website. By speech-enabling the text of its website, the Council of State wants to improve the comfort of access to its information notably for longer texts. The listen button present on the pages of the site enables visitors to directly and simply listen to a high quality audio version without the need to download any software. The speech-enabling of the texts of the website of the Council of State is done on the fly with no pre-recordings. The Council of State has chosen ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting. By clicking on the listen button, ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting enables the website visitor to see synchronized highlighting of the text that is currently being read, on a word-by-word and/or sentence-by-sentence basis depending on the setting that the user has selected. The highlight features reinforce a better understanding of the text being read. The Council of State advises the Government on the preparation of bills, ordinances and certain decrees. It also answers the Government’s queries on legal affairs and conducts studies upon the request of the Government or through its own initiative regarding administrative or public policy issues.