Text to speech (TTS) has many applications across industries; in all cases, the end goal of adoption is increased accessibility for users. One segment that stands to benefit quite profoundly from the use of TTS technologies is tourism.

Why is text to speech and tourism such a natural fit?

Let’s put ourselves in the tourist’s shoes. Imagine you’ve just booked your overseas dream vacation. Your plane ticket has been purchased and now it’s time to plan your two weeks abroad. What’s your first order of business? You’ll definitely want to take care of any passport or visa logistics. Smart government entities speech enable their online forms to increase the ease and likelihood of full completion. They also provide travel warnings and other timely messaging in many languages on their websites so you, the visitor, have all the information you need upon arrival.

After your documentation is in order, you’ll want to tackle lodging. Searching for a hotel can feel complicated when content is not presented in your native language. When you come across a site that includes a text-to-speech widget that translates the content on the page and reads it aloud in your language of choice, you are easily able to navigate through the site and make your reservation. 

Next up is planning your itinerary. There are a number of attractions on your bucket list and you’re looking for the most immersive experience possible. There’s always the traditional guided tour, but you’re after something more private that allows you to go at your own pace. When researching museums, monuments, and other points of interest, you’re quick to reserve your spot for self-guided audio tours, many of which are powered by TTS voices.

Text to speech can even keep you company on your voyage. Take a break and consume content on-the-go in an audio format, the perfect way to leave those magazines and books at home and save some space in your suitcase!

Once you’ve landed, you’ll feel confident in finding your way from point A to point B with the help of PA systems sharing real-time information, travel announcements in airports, train stations, and other transportation hubs, and self-service ticketing options in public areas that offer instructions in your spoken language of choice, all made possible by text to speech.

Your two-week trip will inevitably fly by and once you’re back home, what are the highlights you’ll tell everyone about? On top of the amazing sights and meals, you’ll find yourself sharing all of those moments where your travel destination felt easy, comfortable, and convenient.

That’s the power of accessibility. Companies and institutions that invest in tools like text to speech which increase accessibility for all users not only improve their reach, but also improve their reputation and revenue. ReadSpeaker’s engaging set of voice solutions is ready to enhance your area of tourism. To learn more about our products and capabilities, contact us today.