After adding online text to speech to its website, the Spanish National Library (BNE) has just launched the viewing and speech-enabling of OCR converted documents belonging to the Hispanic Digital Library. The BNE uses ReadSpeaker docReader to this effect. By adding ReadSpeaker, the BNE ensures compliance with law n° 34/2002 of July 11, 2002 which require government portals to propose solutions of ‘accessibility to information provided by electronic means for people with disabilities and older people’. For now, the BNE is using docReader for PDF documents only and whose optical character recognition has a minimum level of quality. ReadSpeaker docReader makes various document formats viewable in all browsers, even on mobile phone browsers as well as other devices that do not have built in PDF-, Word- or Open Office document viewing capabilities. It converts these documents in a web readable format, while preserving the original layout, so that they can be viewed in all types of browsers and devices which otherwise wouldn’t be able to do so. Listen to an example of one of the BNE’s archives.