Mid February was our traditional exhibit at the Tools of Change for Publishing conference from O’Reilly. The main theme of the conference was “Connect, Explore, Create”, which meant that there was a focus on collaborative content creation and content sharing. Several new initiatives were presented, one of which was Inkling, a rapidly developing platform that provides services for authors to create, publish and market content. These developments have the potential to change the publishing field dramatically. It is becoming more and more clear that the shift from analog publishing to e-publishing has a major impact on all entities in the publishing value chain. The rapid rise of tablets in education creates momentum for this massive shift. This opens the door for new technologies to be applied, which were unheard of in the analogue era. Technologies that perfectly fit into the Universal Design of Learning. One of these technologies is text to speech. Text to speech enhances the learning experience and it able to provide learners with a multi-modal possibility to receive the content. Such multiple representations not only ensure that information is accessible to learners with particular sensory and perceptual disabilities, but also easier to access and comprehend for many others. It is always good to see that conferences like ToCCon provide a perspective on these new developments in educational publishing. Given the interest in our services by the major publishers, we believe that the rapid growth of technology in the classroom is not coming to an end any time soon.