Since 1987 TIER Support Services has provided Person Centered Programs for both community and employment support. TIER stands for Teaching, Independence, Employment and Responsibility. Their clients are youths and adults with developmental disabilities. All programs are designed to help the client obtain greater independence in the community.

We wanted to improve the accessibility of the information of our services to our clients and found ReadSpeaker via a search on the Internet. The ReadSpeaker solution supports what we stand for: obtain greater independence for the people we serve. The contact with Readspeaker has been great right from the start. They made us feel valued and supported. We like the solution that you just click and it immediately starts reading the text out loud. We have gotten great feedback on the service and the voice, such as: “sounds like my favorite uncle”, “ easy to listen to and understand”, “I feel better about myself because I do not need help to figure out all the words”. We can only look forward to Readspeaker being part of every website and reading material around the World!

George Arambasich Agency Director, TIER Support Services