In every account we open, customers have access to our player wizard. This wizard is an aid for appearance adjustments of the ReadSpeaker flash player. There are many options which can be customized as you wish for the best possible integration into your web site:

  • Size
  • Attributes such as skins, normal or mini player, combined play/pause button, roll-over tips, volume bar, progress bar text, animated stripes, time format
  • Colors: 19 different elements can be changed such as the buttons background, the bar, the loading bar, the volume control bar, the player background, etc

Let’s have a look at how it works. Here is the default player that appears in step 1 of our wizard: You can then decide to change the size by inputting values for the width and height: Then you can play on a number of attribute combinations: And finally you can change the color settings: For example, let’s say you wanted your web site to display a flash player of bigger width and height, with a rounded skin, where the volume bar is hidden and where the buttons background, bar, and player background colors are of value 0xCCFF66, then your player would look like this: Let’s imagine you have space constraints and want to try the mini player option instead, with a faded skin and with another color option, then the result would look like this: As you can see, hundreds of different combinations are available so as to display our player in the most appropriate way in your web site. A last point, our default flash player gets displayed in HTML 5 when your web site is being accessed from an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad.