We’re asked all the time if we prerecord audio and play it back when the user clicks the Listen button. Some people even ask if we then keep these recordings available on our server. The answers are no and no. All speech is generated on the fly from your latest content. The most explicit example of this concept can be seen on media and news websites and mobile apps where content may be added or updated several times a day, hour, or minute. Why should you add online text to speech to media and news sites or mobile apps?

  • It increases the accessibility of your news content for your current readership and attracts new users who appreciate the choice to read or listen to your online content.
  • Your content becomes mobile. Giving your mobile users the ability to listen to your news while on the go is a very useful way to deliver content to them.
  • You can provide your advertisers with a new audio- and/or banner-based advertising space focused on users who enjoy audio content.
  • It enables automatic redistribution of your written content in audio format.
  • Multitaskers appreciate being able to do other things while listening to the news.

What about live coverage? Why should you add online text to speech to live coverage, such as news, sporting events, stocks, tweets, etc.? The internet is a real-time medium, with more and more content added or updated faster and faster. ReadSpeaker converts live coverage of all types of news into speech on the fly enabling your users to listen to the most up-to-date news and information. Have a media/news site or mobile app? Contact us to make it talk!