Voice branding and custom voices are trending. Brands around the globe recognize the importance of speech recognition combined with exclusive, lifelike digital voice personas and AI for voice-first systems. Advancements in these core technologies are driving the shift from graphical interface to voice interface. They are making it easier for consumers to leave the familiarity of the User Experience (UX) and explore the Voice Experience (VX). Many brands also recognize the importance of having a unique voice and are choosing ReadSpeaker custom voices for this.

Proof of the expansion of these technologies lies in the fact that they are becoming a popular subject matter in the media. Get ready to hear more about them as voice-first interface usage expands around the word, from smart speakers in living rooms to smart assistants on the move wherever consumers go.

Choosing a Unique Voice for Your Brand is Important

ReadSpeaker’s Maarten van de Koevering was recently interviewed by Dutch daily newspaper Het Parool in an interesting article that explored the theme of voice assistants and brand identity, both in the Netherlands and beyond. The article explained how counterproductive it is for powerful brands investing vast amounts of budget on unique branding and advertising to end up sounding like any other brand in the voice-first world due to their content being spoken by voices used by countless other vendors on the market.

The article discusses how the Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) have opted to stand out from other brands when it comes to voice search with a unique voice. It also states:

“Maarten van de Koevering, with speech company ReadSpeaker, does not understand why companies are still satisfied with the standard (…) voices. “Uniformity is not a quality. Company websites aren’t the same either, are they? And yet they all sound the same on smart speaker. It is very strange to hear the exact same voice when you’re talking to two different companies. Just like it would be if their logos were the same. A custom voice also creates trust, giving customers a sense of security when they’re being spoken to in a unique voice. Moreover, it confirms your identity as a company.”

Click here for the original article  by journalist Herman Stil, published by the daily newspaper Het Parool on August 15th 2019. The article is in Dutch.

ReadSpeaker Custom Voices Can Help

Regardless of the languages you speak, the ReadSpeaker team will be happy to walk you through how our custom voices have been chosen by world class companies to set them apart from the competition: a unique brand voice in a world where everyone else sounds the same.

Contact us today and take advantage of ReadSpeaker’s extensive know-how in voice branding and custom voices.