VoiceCorp is pleased to present its latest product, ReadSpeaker docReader. ReadSpeaker docReader is an online software service that allows users to listen to PDFs, Word documents and a variety of other document formats. It converts these documents in a web readable format, while preserving the original layout. ReadSpeaker docReader makes various document formats viewable in all browsers, even on mobile phone browsers as well as other devices that do not have built in PDF-, Word- or Open Office document viewing capabilities. ReadSpeaker docReader is available as listen-icons next to the online published documents. When a document is opened using ReadSpeaker docReader, the user gets a toolbar with a speech button and a set of additional functionalities. By simply clicking the play button, the user can start enjoying the service. The user can choose to have the text highlighted while it is read out loud, to facilitate an even better understanding of the text. Since ReadSpeaker docReader is a fully web based service, the user is not required to download or install any special software to use ReadSpeaker docReader. This also means that website owners do not need to install software on the servers hosting the website or documents. “We are very enthusiastic about this new product which further enhances the accessibility to the content of websites. It allows website owners to serve the broadest possible audience and provide an easy click and listen access to their online documents,” says Niclas Bergstrom, co-founder of VoiceCorp, the company behind Readspeaker docReader.