Wake Forest University logoIn an effort to provide even easier access to digital content for its students, Wake Forest University (WFU) has decided to experiment with speech-enabled texts using ReadSpeaker’s Enterprise Highlighting text-to-speech service. WFU students can listen to select custom-published online materials on their desktops, tablets or smartphones, by simply clicking on the Listen button displayed on the selected document or webpage. WFU already uses Tizra’s digital publishing software to quickly offer digital content directly to their readers. And now, speech-enabled content will offer WFU faculty and staff an added tool to differentiate electronic documents, while maintaining a flexible approach to meeting individual learning needs. Content is also highlighted as it is read, thereby reinforcing information comprehension if users choose to read along as they listen. Specific benefits of content which is available in both text and audio formats include improved word recognition skills and vocabulary, as well as better information recall and learning/memory enhancement. “We’re intrigued by the possibilities for enhanced teaching and learning,” says Mr. William P. Kane, Director of Wake Forest University’s Digital Publishing program. “We’re a small university, but we’ve got big ideas about how to better serve our students and faculty – and one way to do that is to make the reading aspects of university life just a little easier. ReadSpeaker’s text to speech will bring textbooks and the web and all manner of reading materials to life. And our readers aren’t stuck in the classroom or the library – they’re already reading texts online, on their phones, on their tablets, and in their cars. ReadSpeaker’s text to speech will render – with uncanny accuracy – our digital documents into highly accessible, highly consumable, and highly mobile-friendly ebooks.”