ReadSpeaker has a series of TextAid browser extensions:

These extensions enable a toolbox in ReadSpeaker TextAid subscribers’ browsers, allowing them to listen as they read along with the highlighted text to web pages and pdf documents, as well as Google Docs and Microsoft Word Online pages. The extensions are free of charge for ReadSpeaker TextAid ‘Complete’ subscribers and trialists, and are added to the user’s browser in just one click.

Once added, users will find the ReadSpeaker TextAid reading and writing tools, including customizable settings such as reading speed, highlighting colors and text selection. All with ReadSpeaker’s signature high quality, natural sounding voices in American, British and Australian English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish.

After adding an extension, click on the icon:

located in the browser’s toolbar and the toolbox will automatically be shown when any web page is opened. The toolbox will remain active until you click on the close button.

The ReadSpeaker TextAid browser extensions are available to anyone who has a ReadSpeaker TextAid ‘Complete’ subscription and can be found:

– ReadSpeaker TextAid Chrome Extension in the Google Chrome Web Store 
– ReadSpeaker TextAid Edge Extension in the Microsoft Store
– ReadSpeaker TextAid Firefox Extension in

ReadSpeaker text to speech – available anywhere, any time and on any device.

TextAid Chrome Extension Image

Example of TextAid Chrome Extension