Web site owners can now also use our online text to speech solution ReadSpeaker Expanding Player with Embedded Highlighting on Mobile Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Our new solution uses an HTML5 player per default to render the sound. Having both the text read out to you and highlighted is of great comfort to better understand what is being displayed on smaller screens. Screenshot of Embedded Highlighting on iPhone using HTML5 Player When you click on the Settings link within the HTML5 Player area, you can also then choose if you want the highlighting option to be on a word per word and/or sentence basis or if you don’t want any highlighting. You can also adapt the speed of the reading. Screenshot of Highlighting and Speed options Another important feature, when using a computer web browser to access a ReadSpeaker speech-enabled web site, is that when someone selects text and then clicks on the nearby listen button which shows up, a new mini player will appear providing immediate access to the listen function. Screenshot of mini player

Other features that the Embedded Highlighting add-on offers are:

  • Updated HTML code in the player which consists of 100% valid elements according to W3C’s recommendations.
  • Improved highlighting engine which highlights words and/or sentences even better than in the previous version.
  • Support for reading dynamic generated content, such as AJAX or Javascript, can easily be switched on.
  • Auto detection and support for HTTPS web sites.
  • Support for multiple players on the same page.
  • More stable style sheets that do not conflict with websites’ existing CSS.
  • New mechanisms that make it easier to customize default behavior and appearance.