Castle Learning Online provides a web-based review, testing, and assessment tool for elementary, middle school, and high school teachers and students. Access this webinar to see how Castle Learning Online uses ReadSpeaker’s leading online text-to-speech service to deliver an audio version of its 90,000 field-tested questions. Since December 2011, which was the first month of ReadSpeaker’s activation on the Castle Learning platform, the average monthly hits on the listen button is just under 400,000. The high level of usage by Castle Learning students demonstrates the usefulness of having a click & listen tool that doesn’t require any downloads for the end-user. The audio version of the Castle Learning platform enables all students to access educational content. Students with cognitive issues, learning disabilities, visual impairments, and/or those for whom English is a second language benefit from improved accessibility, which enhances their learning environment. The highlighting of the text as it is being read also reinforces a better understanding of the content. Presenters: Scott Fischer, General Manager/Partner Castle Learning Online Nick Hall, Marketing Manager Castle Learning Online Roy Lindemann Cofounder / CIO ReadSpeaker