On Tuesday, March 20th at 12pm ET, ReadSpeaker joined Learnosity’s panel of educational technologists from K12 Inc, Texthelp, CenterPoint Education Solutions to share valuable insights on accessibility. ReadSpeaker’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Fredrik Larsson* discussed how we are putting accessibility at the heart of product design. To see a recording of the live webinar, please follow this link or watch below:

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Despite the fact that 80 percent of Americans believe that children learn in different ways, over a third of parents in the US feel that schools don’t effectively test for learning disabilities. As a result, countless students do not receive the services they need to flourish, and schools continue to try put square pegs into round holes. The results can be devastating for learners – academically, economically, and socially. Yet in an era of rapid digital evolution, technology has emerged as a potential solution to the complex challenge of learner diversity, and accessibility is now an integral part of e-learning products rather than an afterthought. Get in touch and learn more   *Fredrik Larsson manages the technical development, hosting, and technical support at ReadSpeaker. He brings over 15 years of experience developing and designing the first ever web-based speech-enabling service, ReadSpeaker. Blind from birth, Fredrik has deep technical expertise in accessibility, architectural design and programming. Prior to working on the creation of ReadSpeaker, Fredrik was pursuing his PhD in Engineering Physics at the University of Uppsala in Sweden.