Do you have learners who need localized or translated learning content? Or do your visually-impaired learners need accessible learning? Join our joint Webinar, Translation, Localization & Compliance – How to support international and visually impaired learners with Text To Speech, and learn how the award-winning tt performance suite by tts and ReadSpeaker’s Text To Speech can deliver a powerful content-authoring and delivery system to address your employees’ learning needs. The webinar will take place March 22nd at 11.30am EDT.

In this webinar you will:

  • learn about the differences between creating translated and localized content,
  • receive information about North American laws regarding accessibility of learning content and
  • see how to easily add text to speech capabilities to new or existing content

Target group:

This webinar is relevant to Head of HR as well as L&D Professionals of multinational companies and companies with a diverse workforce.

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