The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Inspector General is one of the original 12 Inspectors General authorized under the Inspector General Act of 1978. HUD added the ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting listen feature to its web pages as well as the document viewing and listening solution ReadSpeaker docReader to its PDF documents. HUD was seeking an innovative tool to improve accessibility to its text content for their updated website. Amongst the different features, HUD was particularly interested in the modular way the ReadSpeaker listen button was able to incorporate with their new design. Here is an example of how the listen button is implemented on one of HUD’s webpages and how an online PDF can be viewed and listened to with out requiring any plug-in. The online documents can also be listened to offline by downloading the mp3 file in the docReader toolbar. Users can also zoom in and out of the document being viewed.