Adding speech as a service to a website, mobile site or app, is a decision that the content owner takes for several reasons such as:

  • A new and easy way for their users to access online content
  • An innovative way to interact with online text content
  • Enhanced usability
  • An easier access to text content for users with reading disabilities
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Reaching out to a greater number of users
  • Delivering audio information to multiple platforms and devices

Usage will vary depending on who the content owner targets, how the service is implemented and communicated about. In terms of implementation, many different parameters can be modified such as what part of the content should be read, the design and placement of the player, the speed, pitch, volume and order of reading, if the text should be highlighted while it is being read, and more. Content owners find it useful to be able to customize how they want the audio version of their online text to be played out. Let us know what you are looking for when considering speech as a service for your online content.