Since the 1990s with the rise of the internet, digital privacy has been a topic of societal discussion. Individuals visiting websites, sending emails, or utilizing products that connect to the internet have legitimate cause for concern over who has access to their personal information and how this data can potentially be used. After all, global privacy policies do not exist and rules and regulations vary greatly per country and market, which does little to qualm internet users’ fears that their personal data could be compromised.

Voice-activated Personal Assistants

One area of technology that has raised a red flag for possible privacy violations is voice-activated personal assistants. Beginning with Apple’s Siri and further popularized by products like Amazon’s Alexa, virtual assistants have been adopted and accepted by the mainstream for the ease they offer users, and it’s only now that we’ve begun to consider the ramifications of using devices that are “always listening.” As a Business Live ME article explores, a recent patent filed by Amazon would permit their Echo devices to continuously record speech in an effort to identify instances where a user has issued a command through the use of the wakeword (“Alexa”). Although the patent explains that only 10-30 seconds of audio would be recorded at a time, scanned, and then deleted, there is already a question of how much trust can be placed in a device that removes control over personal data from the hands of users and places it into the system.


At ReadSpeaker, the security of our solutions is as important as the quality. Not only is our technology easy to implement, it also offers reliable service and infrastructure, utilizing over 150 dedicated, secure servers worldwide. All our connections, storage, and processing is fully encrypted, and we can tweak that to customer specific requirements.

Our solutions only use our professionally recorded audio and publicly available texts for machine learning purposes; never customer data. We do not have any other purpose than to offer text-to-speech solutions.

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