Case Studies


ReadSpeaker text-to-speech technology and corporate learning: an excellent pair! Read more about how Jutten uses text to speech in training applications, instead of voice actors.


KET strives to produce innovative and relevant programs and services that exemplify its values, including the lifelong pursuit of knowledge and equal access to all needed resources. KET added ReadSpeaker to its GED program to help its goal of providing equal access, while enhancing learning for all students.


MyEducator provides all-inclusive business courses to more than 50,000 students worldwide. With a huge student base coming from diverse backgrounds, MyEducator recognizes the importance of digital accessibility, and added ReadSpeaker text to speech to its course content to ensure that all students have equal access to information.


VAN IN is an educational publisher based in Belgium. In order to increase interactivity of its online learning environment, VAN IN added ReadSpeaker text to speech with synchronized highlighting.

Business Lease

Business Lease replaced native speakers in their international eLearning environment with text to speech, lowering costs and decreasing development time.

De Twijn

Using ReadSpeaker to speech-enable their website, Dutch K-12 school De Twijn provides information to busy parents and students with special needs in both visual and audio formats.

The Virtual High School

The Virtual High School provides instructor-led online education. In 2011, the Virtual High School added ReadSpeaker to six of its online courses as a pilot, which was so successful that the school now offers ReadSpeaker text to speech in more than 200 courses.

Municipality of Molenwaard

The first municipality in the Netherlands without a physical presence, the municipality of Molenwaard uses ReadSpeaker on its website to increase accessibility of digital content for all citizens.