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Text-to-Speech Software for Corporate Learning

Our text-to-speech assistive technology improves learning outcomes in the workplace.

Provide accessibility and inclusion Make coursework engaging Improve employee performance Support staff with disabilities and respect ADA requirements

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Our assistive technology provides a better learning experience for employees and employers

Readspeaker text-to-speech technology supports corporate training initiatives by allowing employees to listen to any text, using high quality natural-sounding voices.


Make training more enjoyable, engaging, and easy to access for all types of learners, including people with disabilities.

Any content
Any device

Support employee’s unique learning needs with audio by speech enabling training and onboarding guides, books, web content, job applications, PowerPoints, user guides, policies and procedures, and more.

Improved performance

Improve employee performance by helping to ensure employees understand and retain training and learning material.

On-demand voice

Cost effectively create on-demand voice talent using human-like voices for ever-changing content.

Click and Listen

Natural-sounding voices are the key to cost-efficient and effective assistive technology. Listen to our award-winning voices and try our leading voice-enabled learning tools.

Listen button with extended player and menu with descriptions of the webReader features.Listen button with extended player and menu with descriptions of the webReader features.

Listen Button and Player
Listen to content, read along with the highlighted text, adjust the reading speed and volume, and more
Personalize highlighting colors, keyboard shortcuts, and more
Click and Listen
Click on text to have it read aloud
Enlarge Text
See the text being read in a larger font
Text Mode
Read distraction-free in your preferred font, size, and colors
Page Mask
Read along as you listen with a moveable focus bar
Download mp3
Download audio for offline listening
Easy-to-understand instructions for all features
Options for Selected Text
Listen to or translate selected text or look up words
Reading Voice
Choose a voice from the list of available voices

“Because Jutten’s strategy consists of doing more international business, text-to-speech technology makes the company much more flexible. We no longer have to search for voice actors, and are in a position to produce audio faster and make corrections if necessary.”

– Edward Bosma, Technical Director

Meet accessibility requirements
Improve digital inclusion

Increase employee engagement
Improve learning outcomes

Compatible with all leading LMSs, browsers and assessment platforms

“After researching providers we found they had the licensing model and feature set that provided the best fit for our needs. It gave us a feature we needed to enhance the user experience and learner outcomes.”

– Graeme Burborough, General Manager

Recruiting and Job Application Processes
Employee Development
Compliance Testing

Safety Training
Performance Reviews
Professional Development Assessments

“We work with students who have varying levels of English proficiency. When we show teachers and their students the simple text-to-speech and translation functions within ReadSpeaker, we are greeted with smiles, deep appreciation and even applause. ReadSpeaker is essential to the work we do.”

– Danny Rubin, Founder

Quickly and easily integrate audio across all content with just one text-to-speech partner.

Online Web Reading

ReadSpeaker webReader

Add text to speech to your online learning environment with streaming technology, and your employees can listen to content with one click of the Listen button.

Integrate text to speech locally into mobile applications, installed software applications, or hardware devices.

Embedded Text to Speech

Text-to-Speech Software

Speech Production

ReadSpeaker speechMaker

Create audio files that can then be integrated into a learning management system or other applications. These files can be used offline, so your training is available whenever, wherever, even if not connected to the Internet.

An easy-to-use tool especially designed for those with reading difficulties and language learners.

Personal Reading Support

ReadSpeaker TextAid

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ReadSpeaker has been bringing text to speech to education for over 20 years. Contact us to learn more about how audio can help your students and your organization succeed.

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“ReadSpeaker has proven to be the “time saving” tool that I have needed for a long time. The audio portion of your training development is so important and getting it right the first time is huge! Also, making changes after the training has been updated has proven to be extremely easy and again a time saver. I also appreciate the fact that the company continues to find new ways to improve their product and provide excellent customer service.”

– Kathy Lott, Corporate Training , Supervisor Oil/Gas Industry

Let ReadSpeaker VoiceLab create a branded voice as unique as your company

Improve internal communications and training outcomes through a unique voice that fully represents your brand.

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FAQs about Text to Speech in Corporate Learning

Accessible learning means that all learners, including disabled and disadvantaged learners, are provided with the tools they need to access content to the same extent as their peers.

Inclusive training courses result in improved employee satisfaction and performance. Accessible design leads to improvements in staff experience and in turn, loyalty.

For employees with disabilities or language challenges, such improvements are essential for them to complete required training.

For employees that are required to complete regular, content intensive training such as nurses, doctors and lawyers, being able to consume content audibly is a significant advantage and helps them successfully keep their training up to date.

Accessibility in e-learning revolves around designing courses with inclusivity in mind and using technology to create training content that can be used by all learners, even those with physical or cognitive disabilities.

Inclusion in the workplace must be embraced from the top down. Direction from management to make the workplace accessible will allow human resources and department heads to provide assistive technology for training and for an employee to better fulfill his or her role.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides “academic adjustments, reasonable accommodations, and auxiliary aids” for those with physical or cognitive disabilities.

Assistive technologies such as text to speech are an integral part of these measures that provide equal opportunity in the workplace and in education.