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Adding ReadSpeaker Text to Speech to any content

ReadSpeaker text-to-speech technology can be quickly, easily and cost-efficiently integrated into any type of content, reading text out loud in dozens of languages. Our speech-enhanced tools serve all types of students, from kindergarten to higher and continuing education.

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Adding Text to Speech to Learning Management Systems

With building blocks and plugins, ReadSpeaker‘s text-to-speech technology can be integrated directly into any Learning Management Platform, such as:

Online learners can instantly listen to course content with the click of a button. No downloads required or need to exit the learning environment.

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Adding Text to Speech to Assessments Platforms

ReadSpeaker can be added to assessment platforms, allowing organizations to create accessible tests, quizzes and assignments that meet accommodations requirements and levels the playing field for all learners. Our text-to-speech plugin can read aloud all types of assessments, including quizzes, tests, exams, even Math and STEM assignments.

“Learnosity has a commitment to inclusive design and is focused on being accessible to all users. We also ensure products such as Readspeaker integrate well with us, offering even broader user access to online learning engagement.” Adam Bextream, Product Manager

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Learnosity Website in black iMac

Adding Text to Speech to digital content

Whether coursework, ebooks, online documents, websites, images, training manuals or personal reading, our assistive technology software can help any kind of learner improve comprehension and retention of any digital content.

Cengage Learning

“We needed an automatic tool for all of our content that could read the text to our K–6 students, including those that are pre-literate. In addition, ReadSpeaker is used by Cengage’s Higher Education team, so we wanted to be consistent. Especially for students that will move from elementary through middle school and high school to higher education, it is helpful for them to use the same tools across all of our platforms, at any age.”

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McGraw Hill

“As a leading provider of remote learning solutions, our focus is always on creating the best possible learning experience for students. This partnership with ReadSpeaker enables us to bring our solutions to the next level, as well as improve accessibility—important enhancements as we work to make experiences more lifelike in the age of remote learning.” David McCool, CEO, Muzzy Lane

Online documents are instantly made accessible, allowing your users to view and listen to them on any device.

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High-quality Text to Speech in multiple languages

Our tts tool is provided in dozens of languages, with the best natural-sounding voices on the market. Multiple languages and robust translation tools allow those accessing content in a second language full access to any content.

American Academy of Pediatrics – Healthykids.org

Audio readily available and easy to use in multiple languages for a diverse audience.

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A skinned player, with accessible web assets

Wilson language screenshot in iPad

Wilson Language Training
Text to speech is a key tool for effective online language learning.

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Standards First Pledge

We are proud supporters of the Standards First Pledge. As part of a committed community that makes open standards the first and primary choice for education technology integrations, we advocate for standards-based integrations. We believe that achieving and promoting official product certification to open standards enables a better edtech ecosystem and community and believe in fair and open business practices for suppliers. We are passionate about this cause and have taken the Standards First pledge to confirm our support.

Standards First Pledge Signatory

What would your integration look like?

ReadSpeaker has been bringing text to speech to education for over 20 years. Contact us to learn more about how audio can help your students and your organisation succeed.

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“What you need to know about Text to Speech for Education”11 FAQs on how to use text to speech.

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FAQs about Text to Speech Integrations

Text to speech allows learners to consume content without the challenges of screen fatigue, decoding blocks or focusing issues, permitting them to concentrate fully on the meaning of the content.

ReadSpeaker can be integrated into most browser and online environments, making its listen button continually available and allowing users to listen to web pages, online PDFs, Google Docs, Microsoft Word Online pages, and emails in Gmail and Outlook online. It can also be integrated centrally on all school Chromebooks.

ReadSpeaker text to speech reads any digital content, even content in images using its high-quality OCR functionality. Whether educators have scanned a document or students have taken a picture, the content can be read out loud.

ReadSpeaker’s audio enhanced learning tools are surprisingly easy to implement, easy to use and cost effective. Implementations are often just plug-ins or lines of code that take a minimum of man-hours to implement and maintain. Most major LMSs have specific integrations that simply require just to be turned on.

Courses, lessons, tests, quizzes, assessments, reading assignments, and any other text-based content can be read aloud while students follow along with highlighted text, letting them engage with and absorb content in multiple ways

With cloud-based, dynamically produced speech, course content is instantly speech-enabled as soon as it is uploaded.

ReadSpeaker webReader and docReader are sold by FTEs (Full Time Equivalents.) ReadSpeaker TextAid is generally sold by FTEs also, however, in some cases Disability Services must purchase only for their students. We do make accomodations in those instances.

Yes, ReadSpeaker reads math, science and other STEM texts.

With ReadSpeaker you can use any equation editor and be sure to render it in MathML, LaTex, or MathJax.

You can use MathType if you prefer. ReadSpeaker will need the equation or expression to be rendered in MathML, LaTex, or MathJax so that it can be read properly.

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