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ReadSpeaker partners with Learnosity to make it easy to integrate text-to-speech technology, creating accessible content and assessments that make a real difference to learner outcomes.

Assessment Infrastructure

Learnosity provides the assessment infrastructure for the world’s leading learning platforms and educational publishers. More than 120 customers globally, serving 39.3M learners, rely on it for cutting-edge assessments, faster time-to-market, and lower development costs.

Its cloud-based APIs put product developers in control with:

  • An intuitive authoring experience
  • Feature-rich assessments
  • Powerful analytics
  • Innovative question types

Try our interactive demo to see how ReadSpeaker works with Learnosity.

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Testimonial Logo

“Learnosity has a commitment to inclusive design and is focused on being accessible to all users. We also ensure products such as Readspeaker integrate well with us, offering even broader user access to online learning engagement.”

Adam Bextream, Product Manager (Assessments and Accessibility), Learnosity