Health and Pharmaceutical


  • How can you make your online content understandable to a maximum of users visiting your websites and mobile apps?
  • Some Health and Pharmaceutical organizations cater to patients who are directly concerned with reading disabilities, such as low vision, dyslexia, or certain neurological disorders. Their online content needs to be accessible so that these users are better able to understand it.
  • Seniors are increasingly using the Internet to access health-related information. How can you provide new means to access your online information in an easy-to-use way for this category of users?


ReadSpeaker online text-to-speech solutions let your message be heard by more people, from anywhere and with any device.

Available in 50+ languages and 200+ voices, they are used by health and pharmaceutical organizations worldwide.

  • ReadSpeaker webReader transforms your health-related websites into real-time audio channels so that your users can now listen to the written information presented to them. Your updated information is converted instantly to speech with no prerecordings whatsoever.
  • ReadSpeaker docReader enables users to view and listen to your medical and drug information leaflets and other documents on any device with no plugins required.
  • ReadSpeaker audioMobile API enables you to add speech to your mobile app making your content available to your users in a convenient, easy-to-listen way.


With ReadSpeaker online text to speech, you can:

  • Present an audio version of your online text content to reach more patients. In the US alone, 18 million seniors—six million more than five years ago—are using the web.
  • Reach people whose native language is not the language of your website or mobile app.
  • Strengthen your corporate social responsibility by ensuring that your information is available to all in both written and audio format.
  • Automatically redistribute your online text in audio format thereby providing another distribution channel for your content. With 50+ languages and 200+ voices available, the linguistic coverage provided by ReadSpeaker can be used for your international websites and mobile apps.