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The founding team gives birth to the first-ever speech-enabling web-based service in the world, named ReadSpeaker.


ReadSpeaker SayIt is launched. It now becomes easy for websites to add a simple Listen button so that users can listen to web sites as well as read them.


ReadSpeaker products are sold outside of Scandinavia starting with the UK.


Launch of ReadSpeaker Navigator and then ReadSpeaker XT. Now websites can offer an audio toolbar to their visitors so that they can listen to selected text, the main page content, or the whole page including navigation.


ReadSpeaker products are now used in Germany, Holland, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, US, and Japan.


The company VoiceCorp is set up to combine the development, sales, management, hosting, support, and innovation departments behind the ReadSpeaker products under one roof. New ReadSpeaker web-based products ReadSpeaker Enterprise and ReadSpeaker proReader are launched, making it faster, more convenient, and simpler for users to listen to websites.


The ReadSpeaker webReader app is launched. Now it is easy to speech-enable the text content of smaller websites and blogs. ReadSpeaker products go mobile with the launch of ReadSpeaker audioMobile API. Now users can listen to content directly from their iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch), Android, RIM BlackBerry, and other J2ME compatible devices. ReadSpeaker products are now used in Australia and New Zealand.


ReadSpeaker goes deeper in creating specific products for reading online documents and web forms with the launch of ReadSpeaker docReader and ReadSpeaker formReader. The VoiceCorp company changes its name to ReadSpeaker. ReadSpeaker products are now used in the Middle East.


ReadSpeaker Enterprise is updated with the new Highlighting add-on, which now can be used on iPhone/iPad with a HTML5 player. More than 5000 customers use ReadSpeaker products, which are now sold in more than 30 countries in Europe, North and South America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Oceania, with millions of people listening to web content every month.


Launch of ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting 2.5. ReadSpeaker has offices and representations in the United States, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Australia, and Japan. The company now sells its solutions in over 40 countries across the 5 continents.


Launch of new accessible publishing services such as ReadSpeaker Narrator. New Web Application Service Platform is set up with the applications ReadSpeaker speechMaker and ReadSpeaker speechCloud API. ReadSpeaker TTS Production API proposes new text-to-speech system integrations. New learning management system integration modules for ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting.


Launch of the new version of ReadSpeaker docReader. ReadSpeaker now has clients in over 50 countries in 6 continents. Amongst other features and improvements, ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting introduces enhanced text visibility for even easier reading comprehension. The new version of ReadSpeaker TextAid is released.


ReadSpeaker accelerates its development of solutions for leading Learning Management Systems amongst which Blackboard, Brightspace by D2L, Canvas, Moodle® and SoftChalk, enabling reading of course material including documents and LTI integration of ReadSpeaker TextAid.


ReadSpeaker launches TTS Licensing to embed text-to-speech technology into smart devices and applications to enable voice interfaces. ReadSpeaker for Office 365 is developed for reading of text in Word documents. New features are added to TextAid docReader and speechMaker to enhance the user experience.


ReadSpeaker’s multivendor voice portfolio adds new, high-quality text-to-speech voice personas from rSpeak Technologies for Castilian Spanish (female), Italian (female), and French (Male) and ReadSpeaker’s web reading solutions add support for Persian Farsi. The powerful features word prediction and highlighter tool are added to ReadSpeaker TextAid. ReadSpeaker Holding B.V. (ReadSpeaker) and its subsidiaries are acquired by the Memory Disk Division (MD) of The HOYA Group. Our researchers invest heavily in deep learning methods and DNN technology. Significant progress is made towards the future commercial production of DNN TTS voices, which will sound more expressive and offer more flexibility than the present generation of TTS voices based on unit selection synthesis. In October, we launch ReadSpeaker webReader, the new version of our flagship product Enterprise Highlighting 2.5. webReader has a new name, a new look, and many powerful new features.