In order to improve our current website, we found it necessary to include the reading functionality. This helps all our citizens through the digital landscape. Especially since the vast majority of processes within the municipality of Molenaard are completed digitally (online), it is important to make sure information is accessible. As a result, we have more time for personal contact with those citizens who really need it. After receiving the offer from ReadSpeaker, we went live within 2 weeks with the improved website and listen functionality. The execution went very quickly, without problems.
Sebastiaan Gerats, Teamleider Antwoord & Communicatie
We want our services and information to be available for all people. We were approached by a range of other text-to-speech providers but the Read Speaker product was by far the easiest to navigate. It was also hugely helpful that consultants were local (in Australia). Our CMS support team had no problems with instructions on implementing and any queries were resolved super-fast even though support was overseas.
Jessica Prochazkova, Web Coordinator
The Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services within the ACT Government has implemented ReadSpeaker across the departmental website to ensure the content and documents are accessible to all clients and members of the public generally. The “Listen to this Page” function was implemented using the “Enterprise Expanding Player with Embedded Highlighting” and "docReader” has been added for documents, as has the ability to download to mp3. Accessibility is vital to the department, which is client service focused, and Readspeaker has enabled equal access to information - a top priority. Implementation was easy and the customer service received by the Online Services Team was excellent. This package has facilitated the leadership in accessible websites across the ACT Government.
Online Services, Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services
The General Council of the Val-de-Marne decided to include ReadSpeaker when it re-worked its website so as to provide a better access to its text content. Thanks to ReadSpeaker, we propose an excellent audio version of our Internet site. The text is converted on the fly into a near-to-human text-to-speech voice which enables us to change our text content at any time and provide the audio equivalent in real-time to all that have problems with reading such as people with visual impairments, dyslexia, foreigners, certain Seniors as well as all those that prefer to listen than to read. The implementation of ReadSpeaker as a software as a service (SaaS) was very quick and flexible and didn’t require any re-development of our website.
Sylvie Roussel, Director of the DITAE (Online Innovation Department)
The ReadSpeaker Listen Button offers us a very user friendly option to make our website more accessible for one of our important target groups, people with visual impairment and/or low literacy. By speech enabling our site we offer even more service to this group. ReadSpeaker gives us a very innovative, user friendly and flexible implementation of this service.
Piet Middelkoop, Internet Consultant
ReadSpeaker is truly an enhancement that’s subtle but impactful. Many visitors to the City of Atlanta website found this tool to be a transformational and liberating product. It is always our goal to continuously strive to meet and exceed our citizens’ needs in using innovation to deliver exceptional customer service.
Michael Dogan, Interim Chief Information Officer
Accessibility has always been a key priority at Bracknell Forest Council. Everyone should have equal access to the internet and an accessible website will improve everyone’s experience of our website. Accessibility was a key priority during the recent redevelopment of the website and played a part in every aspect of the project. We implemented a range of accessibility features and thoroughly tested our site to make sure that it was fully accessible. Readspeaker was very straight forward to implement and this was greatly helped by the excellent technical support available. The voice used it excellent and there are options available to change settings to tailor it to an individual’s needs. Readspeaker is an integral service on our website and one I’d be happy to recommend to other local authorities and organisations looking to implement a text to speech service.
Colin Stenning, Website Manager
The Readspeaker team did all they could to help us implement Readspeaker on our website. I would definitely recommend them.
Vanessa de Chazal, Website Manager