The aim of Disability News Service is to provide in-depth coverage of disability-related UK news stories. It is crucial therefore that the DNS website is accessible to disabled people themselves. Having ReadSpeaker on the site provides an extra dimension of accessibility that would otherwise not be available. I know from comments from visitors to the site that they find the technology provided by ReadSpeaker incredibly useful, and I can also say that there has not been a single concern or problem raised about how it works since we started including it on the DNS website. I’m very happy with the service provided by ReadSpeaker and what it offers disabled people.
John Pring, Editor
CNBC Arabiya chose ReadSpeaker due to its accuracy and position in the market as best Arabic voice reader.
Sahar Ibrahim, Senior Producer- New Media
At heise online we always look at useful features to deliver our online content. The web based service proposed by ReadSpeaker which converts our text into speech on the fly is a good example of how we can extend our reach. With just one click, all our users can listen to our text without the need for any download. They can also save the audio for reading at another moment as well as on another device. Implementing ReadSpeaker into our web site took us a couple of hours only and thereafter the service dynamically generates the spoken version of our articles.
Frank Klinkenberg, Leiter Business Development Online
MyCow is an English-language web magazine, featuring news, current events, global issues and international perspectives with an original approach. Written by a team of journalists from around the world and updated on a daily basis, all the articles are available in an audio format and are accompanied by a range of tools to facilitate comprehension. Interactive features are also part of the site such as exercises, tests and reader comments. An enjoyable way to practice language skills.
Listening to a foreign language is a must-have component of the learning process. With our rapidly changing content, we were looking for an automated and qualitative solution to convert text into audio so that our users could improve their English skills by listening at all suitable times for them. MyCow is very pleased with the level of usage of ReadSpeaker by our students. We get thousands of clicks on the ReadSpeaker listen function per week and the feedback received from our users is that the online text to speech service really helps them improve their comprehension of the English language. The click and listen (no downloads required) behaviour of the ReadSpeaker listen button also explains the high number of clicks that are experienced. The on the fly conversion of text into speech helps MyCow students measure at all times how well they understand English words and sentences. This is a very practical feature which they can access continuously to monitor their progress. In terms of integrating ReadSpeaker, the process has proven to be very quick and efficient. It consists in a simple tagging of our site with the HTML snippet provided by ReadSpeaker. One very useful feature is that we have our own dictionary which can be modified when an occasional word is not well pronounced. In the e-learning space, that is a service that can be very useful to enrich the quality of the written content we want our users to listen to.
Eric Brandt, Founder
Since enabling Readspeaker on, visitors coming to our website have been given equal access and opportunity to digest our news articles and long form features for stories from across the world. Al Jazeera provides high quality content for all, Readspeaker ensures people can also listen to our content regardless of their disability.
Mohammed El-Haddad, Interactive Journalist
The ReadSpeaker text-to-speech solution is very simple in both: implementation by the publisher and use for The Warsaw Voice online readers. In fact, after you implemented it (which is easy), there is nothing more to be done. What’s important, ReadSpeaker brings additional value to the webpage. Our web stats confirms that registered users of our web service appreciate to have it available. No wonder since the quality of the generated speech is also very high. Thank you ReadSpeaker!
Juliusz Klosowski, General Director