This is a really simple and useful enhancement for websites, making web pages easier to read and understand for people with visual impairments and those with reading difficulties - or a different mother tongue, where listening to a spoken text can be helpful. This innovation will help us reach more readers - and listeners - contributing to more accessible information for more people. We believe the ReadSpeaker solution is an excellent tool that all tourism websites should consider for communicating their messages more effectively to the widest possible audience.
European Network for Accessible Tourism asbl., c/o EWORX S.A.
We did some user testing and I showed a young man who had a learning disability a website with ReadSpeaker, he commented, 'this is the way all websites should have been designed in the first place. This is the future.' I know having ReadSpeaker implemented on our new website will make it accessible to a whole new audience of people.
Luke Beaumont, Information Officer - Internet and Social Media

Without ReadSpeaker, our website wouldn’t be fully accessible, which means we’d be letting down our readership. ReadSpeaker provides a fundamental service that helps us and other sites to reach out to all sections of society, and is therefore vital for inclusion. We’re so glad we teamed up with ReadSpeaker from the very beginning of our journey with Disability Horizons, and we intend to keep on working with them and their excellent software for years and years to come!
Srin Madipalli, Co-Founder
The Belgian socialist party, Socialistische Partij Anders, uses ReadSpeaker on their website.
We want our message to be picked up by as many people as possible. ReadSpeaker helps us in advance to make our website more accessible for people that have difficulty with texts on a computer screen. Not only people with a visual impairment, but also for people with attention deficit disorders, dyslexia, non-native speakers, and those with low literacy. I would also like to show my appreciation for the smooth installation of the ReadSpeaker package and pleasant communication with the ReadSpeaker team.
Stijn Vercamer, Deputy Director Communications
ReadSpeaker was implemented by AbilityOne, the largest source of employment for blind and disabled individuals.
The implementation went smoothly and helps us continue to demonstrate our commitment to accessibility.
Paula Scanlon, Director, Marketing
Nestlé have implemented ReadSpeaker Enterprise in their "Creating Shared Value" and "Nutrition, Health and Wellness" sections on There is a "Download as mp3" link under the player for non Flash capable devices to ensure accessibility as well as being able to listen to the Nestlé articles on mobile devices.
At Nestlé we are constantly seeking on ways to support our corporate social responsibility strategy, which we refer to as 'Creating Shared Value'. This also includes online developments which increasingly impact how we reach out to our different constituencies. In this context, we have included on certain parts of our website the leading speech-enabling solution ReadSpeaker provided by ReadSpeaker. With ReadSpeaker we give all our Internet visitors including those that have reading difficulties the ability to listen to our text content using state-of-the-art synthetic voices. All our website users can do this without having to download any software or specific plug-in, they simply need to click on the play button on top of an article to start listening to the page. By adding the ReadSpeaker listen function to the website we help users get free audio access to our content and making it as easy to do so as printing or emailing a web page. We are both proud and enthusiastic about this new channel we are providing to our customers.
Peter Warne, Senior Corporate Internet Manager
Since 1987 TIER Support Services has provided Person Centered Programs for both community and employment support. TIER stands for Teaching, Independence, Employment and Responsibility. Their clients are youths and adults with developmental disabilities. All programs are designed to help the client obtain greater independence in the community.
We wanted to improve the accessibility of the information of our services to our clients and found ReadSpeaker via a search on the Internet. The ReadSpeaker solution supports what we stand for: obtain greater independence for the people we serve. The contact with Readspeaker has been great right from the start. They made us feel valued and supported. We like the solution that you just click and it immediately starts reading the text out loud. We have gotten great feedback on the service and the voice, such as: “sounds like my favorite uncle”, “ easy to listen to and understand”, “I feel better about myself because I do not need help to figure out all the words”. We can only look forward to Readspeaker being part of every website and reading material around the World!
George Arambasich, Agency Director
ReadSpeaker is essential for the Commissioner that the website is as inclusive as possible. Readspeaker allows us to meet some of the access needs of people in Wales and beyond, in both Welsh and English.
As the global governing body for the Paralympic Movement it is important we have an accessible website for all. Our partnership with Readspeaker plays a role in helping us to achieve this.
Craig Spence, Media and Communications Manager
We incorporated Readspeaker on our website ( when we re-designed the site in 2011. It is a feature often praised by our clients, as it makes our online information very accessible to people with reading difficulties. One adult recently told me she demonstrated the feature to her non-dyslexic work colleagues who also thought it was a great, innovative tool.
Rosie Bissett, CEO