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Introducing ReadSpeaker webReader

Hello, I am very pleased to share with you some news about a major upgrade to ReadSpeaker website reading technology. This product upgrade has been a year in development and it is available at no additional license fee for existing clients. We call this product WebReader! WebReader includes the following features:

  1. New Listen button with an expand button that opens a toolbar with many new features.
  2. A pinned UX design to the player so the listen button never leaves the screen as users scroll down the page. By making the listen button constantly available, use of WebReader will be higher than the previous static player.
  3. User voice selection between Australian accented male (Jack) and Australian accented female (Karen)
  4. Simplified View tool offering distraction-free reading. You can view web pages in plain text format.
  5. Read on Hover tool helps readers focus on your web content, paragraph by paragraph. You can listen to a single paragraph being read out loud by simply hovering over it with your cursor.
  6. Screen ruler which can be dynamically sized to allows users to focus on lines of text.
  7. Enhanced text visibility tool to greatly increase the size of text being read.
  8. Translation feature with voice over will ensure your content reaches an international audience. Languages included are Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, French and German. The translation function is powered by Google Translate API. For clients unable to use computer translation due to accuracy requirements, this feature can be disabled.
  9. The Word Lookup tool helps your readers learn as they read your web pages. They just select a word on your website to listen to its definition and pronunciation in an online dictionary.

WebReader also allows users to customise their user experience by changing highlighting colours and reading speed. Here is a video providing an overview of WebReader by ReadSpeaker:

WebReader by ReadSpeaker Functionality Overview Video

How Do I Upgrade?

WebReader by ReadSpeaker is an upgrade available to you on request. Your current ReadSpeaker player will remain active and unchanged unless you opt in to this major product upgrade. If you wish to upgrade to WebReader by ReadSpeaker, simply let me know by return email and we will forward to you complete instructions as well as new “About Page” information to update your accessibility tools information section of your website. We are very excited about WebReader by ReadSpeaker. It represents a significant expansion of functionality for users of your website and it is available at no additional license fee. Thanks for choosing ReadSpeaker. Richard