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Digitale toegankelijkheid van ziekenhuizen

Op 15 november 2018 publiceerde het webdevelopment bureau Stuurlui een onderzoek naar de digitale toegankelijkheid van de Nederlandse ziekenhuizen. De homepagina van 50 websites werd getoetst. Het doel van het onderzoek is het bevorderen van de algehele toegankelijkheid van Nederlandse websites. Dit heeft alles te maken met de wetgeving omtrent digitale toegankelijkheid wat betekent dat […]

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New Finnish Text-to-Speech Voice “Elina” for ReadSpeaker

We are happy to announce continued support for Finnish with our new lifelike text-to-speech (TTS) voice persona, Elina. Customers can rely on Elina to deliver a better user experience and make online and offline content, multimedia applications, embedded and mobile devices & platforms more engag ing and accessible for Finnish  speakers. Users find Elina’s warm and confident voice to be extremely clear and trustworthy. She is a solid Finnish voice persona for use in any context, such as accessibility, business, education, media and entertainment. Elina […]

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ReadSpeaker Expands Offering with New Arabic Text-to-Speech Voice

We are delighted to announce that we now support a brand new Arabic voice and that our high-quality text-to-speech (TTS) voice portfolio includes Amir, the new Modern Standard Arabic voice persona. Our customers can rely on Amir to deliver a superior user experience and make online and offline content, multimedia applications, embedded or mobile devices and platforms truly engaging […]

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Meet the ReadSpeaker Team at CCW 2019

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be exhibiting at CCW in Berlin, February 19 to 21, 2019. If flawless customer experience and high-quality interactive voice response solutions (IVR) are at the heart of your business DNA and if you’re looking for the best synthetic speech software for delivering innovative self-service applications, it’s time to start a conversation […]

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Silverchair Delivers Text to Speech via ReadSpeaker Integration

McGraw-Hill Education Launches ReadSpeaker Functionality on the Silverchair Platform CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA & FOXBORO, MA: Silverchair announced today that it has partnered with ReadSpeaker to offer market-leading text-to-speech capabilities through the Silverchair Universe, a framework for rapidly integrating complementary products and services with the Silverchair Platform. ReadSpeaker offers dynamic solutions in online and offline text to […]

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ReadSpeaker sponsorizza Moodle Moot 2018 a Milano

ReadSpeaker è lieta di sponsorizzare #MootIT18 dal 13 al 15 dicembre 2018, presso l’Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca. Visita il nostro stand per scoprire come migliorare i tuoi contenuti testuali grazie all’audio, rendendoli più accattivanti, fruibili e accessibili per tutti gli studenti. Utilizzate da molti clienti di Moodle in tutto il mondo, le soluzioni text-to-speech di […]

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ReadSpeaker docReader Has New Look and Features

ReadSpeaker docReader provides organizations with state-of-the-art text to speech, making online documents appealing and accessible to as many readers as possible. And you can now enable new tools in ReadSpeaker docReader to make it even more interactive: Dynamic Toolbar For a friendlier user interface, some tools have been moved from the top toolbar to an […]

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TextAid Tuesday Web Series: Helping Students with Powerful Learning Tools

Join us as we illustrate how TextAid can help to improve the way students learn and study. TextAid is a complete, easy-to-use read-aloud reading, writing, and studying solution for all students, including struggling readers and language learners. It offers accessibility features that can aid students in the retention of materials as well as enables students to be confident, autonomous learners. […]

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ReadSpeaker @ MEET TYPO3

Op  8 november vindt het MEET TYPO3 event plaats in Rotterdam. Dit evenement staat in het teken van de mogelijkheden van het TYPO3 content managementsysteem. ReadSpeaker werkt al jaren samen met verschillende organisaties die gebruik maken van TYPO3, waaronder RedKiwi: de organisator van het event. ReadSpeaker is met een eigen stand aanwezig! Graag laten we […]

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Dutch Voice Label E.A.R. Brings Brands the Edge They’ve Been Waiting for

Explosive growth in voice assistants calls for differentiating sound and interaction Today, almost every company with its own Google action or Amazon skill sounds the same, whether it’s a bank, postal service or supermarket. But that’s about to change. Say goodbye to soulless digital voices and assistants who fall silent because they don’t understand the […]

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