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ReadSpeaker is essential for the Provisu.ch website to be as inclusive as possible. Indeed, Provisu is for people with a disability, the ones that could use ReadSpeaker to allow them to listen to the content as they read along with the text. ReadSpeaker helps us meet some of the access needs of people in Switzerland, but also in Hispanic- and Portuguese-speaking countries, as well as German and English.

Dr. Célia Boyer

Language, Memory and Brain Lab (LMBLab), McMaster University

The Language, Memory and Brain Lab (LMBLab) at McMaster University has implemented ReadSpeaker as a phenomenal tool to support one of their current research projects: Acquired Brain Injury & Coma. Thanks to this software we are able to convert written text such as task’s instructions, words, sentences and other language-related stimuli into high-quality audio files to design and test our auditory experimental paradigms. This has been extremely useful in our research on developing methods to assess cognitive function in coma patients and predict their outcome. 
After testing different websites and speech solutions, ReadSpeaker was the best solution we have found. Based on our experience we recommend it to other research institutes that need to produce their own sound files with very natural voices in a great variety of languages. This text-to speech technology can also be applied for people with dyslexia, learning and language difficulties, non-native speakers, vision impairments and so on. We also want to highlight the excellent customer service and communication from the ReadSpeaker team.

Instituto Viver Hoje

ReadSpeaker is an easily accessible tool that makes the difference every day in our portal. It is used not only to facilitate the health professional in reading articles but also by everyone who does not master reading and by people with low vision.

Union County College

ReadSpeaker allows Union County College to provide content to a diverse body of learners. ReadSpeaker engages auditory learners and provides a successful pathway toward graduation.

Beth Ritter-Guth, Director of Instructional Design and American Honors http://www.ucc.edu/

European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT)

We believe the ReadSpeaker solution is an excellent tool that all tourism websites should consider for communicating their messages more effectively to the widest possible audience.

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

A software solution that critically enhances the accessibility for all of the web, as it allows visitors to listen to the text of every webpage being read aloud.

Business Lease

Our choice wasn’t tough to make. We want to be able to develop quickly and provide updates on a short term notice. If you’re in a situation similar like ours, I can definitely recommend ReadSpeaker’s text to speech.

Geert van de Wouw, Knowledge Development Consultant

Connect in the North

I know having ReadSpeaker implemented on our new website will make it accessible to a whole new audience of people.

Luke Beaumont, Information Officer – Internet and Social Media

The Mayor’s Commission on Literacy

ReadSpeaker is a phenomenal tool. It improves the accessibility of myPLACE Online content for our Adult Basic Education students. For those with fluency issues, ReadSpeaker allows them to better understand text by hearing high-quality audio which helps to reduce barriers to learning. I commend ReadSpeaker’s leadership team for their willingness to donate this program to support the educational pursuits of Philadelphians.

Disability News Service

Having ReadSpeaker on the site provides an extra dimension of accessibility that would otherwise not be available. I know from comments from visitors to the site that they find the technology provided by ReadSpeaker incredibly useful.


ReadSpeaker offers great text-to-speech functionality that seems to be the best and most natural voices available on the market. Integration of ReadSpeaker is very easy but if needed there is a dedicated support team available for all your questions.


Integration with ReadSpeaker was simple, seamless and absolutely worth the time. They provide the tools and direction and you just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Inner West Council

Our CMS support team had no problems with instructions on implementing and any queries were resolved super-fast even though support was overseas.

The Virtual High School

“Ensuring that our courses are both multimedia rich and suitable for all learners is something that is central to our mission,” said Storie Walsh, Director of Instructional Technology for VHS. “ReadSpeaker was a natural fit because it gives all of our students an audio option. ReadSpeaker’s integration with the D2L Learning Environment made it easy for VHS to implement the browser-based solution. Within seconds, the organization enabled it on a course level and within all lesson documents so VHS students can have all course web pages and documents read to them with one click of a button. Since implementing the technology, we’ve been encouraged by how popular it’s been.”

CNBC Arabiya

CNBC Arabiya chose ReadSpeaker due to its accuracy and position in the market as best Arabic voice reader.

sp.A (Socialistische Partij Anders)

I would also like to show my appreciation for the smooth installation of the ReadSpeaker package and pleasant communication with the ReadSpeaker team.


The ReadSpeaker software is ideal for online visitors with reading handicaps such as dyslexia or anyone who prefers to have information read aloud.

Health on the Net Foundation (HON)

Our users are very satisfied with the quality of the text to speech feature and the very short time required to generate the audio. Another positive factor is that ReadSpeaker® is web-based, so that no downloads are required for our web site users to listen to our content in English and French.


MyCow is very pleased with the level of usage of ReadSpeaker by our students. We get thousands of clicks on the ReadSpeaker listen function per week and the feedback received from our users is that the online text to speech service really helps them improve their comprehension of the English language.

General Council Val de Marne

Thanks to ReadSpeaker, we propose an excellent audio version of our Internet site.

TIER Support Services

We have gotten great feedback on the service and the voice, such as: “sounds like my favorite uncle”, “ easy to listen to and understand”, “I feel better about myself because I do not need help to figure out all the words”. We can only look forward to Readspeaker being part of every website and reading material around the World!

City of Atlanta

ReadSpeaker is truly an enhancement that’s subtle but impactful. Many visitors to the City of Atlanta website found this tool to be a transformational and liberating product.

Link Systems International

ReadSpeaker works seamlessly in converting our text content into high quality audio. It fits nicely into the Universal Design for Learning principles and appeals to all students with various needs.

Bwrdd yr iaith Gymraeg (Welsh Language Commissioner)

ReadSpeaker is essential for the Commissioner that the website is as inclusive as possible. Readspeaker allows us to meet some of the access needs of people in Wales and beyond, in both Welsh and English.

International Paralympic Committee

As the global governing body for the Paralympic Movement it is important we have an accessible website for all. Our partnership with Readspeaker plays a role in helping us to achieve this.

The Warsaw Voice

Our web stats confirms that registered users of our web service appreciate to have it available. No wonder since the quality of the generated speech is also very high. Thank you ReadSpeaker!

Dyslexia Association of Ireland

Readspeaker is a feature often praised by our clients, as it makes our online information very accessible to people with reading difficulties.

Visit Malta

I must say that our experience has been positive throughout. Our users are always impressed by just how smoothly the text is read out.

Museo Picasso

ReadSpeaker has provided us with the opportunity to offer our contents in a simple, effective and pleasant way to different groups that can be affected with visual impairment.

VFL Wolfsburg

We have decided to offer people with technical or physical disabilities the opportunity to learn about VfL Wolfsburg and have the text read aloud to them, depending on disability. We also wanted to make it easy whether you are accessing the content via a smartphone or on the website.

Bracknell Forest Council

Readspeaker is an integral service on our website and one I’d be happy to recommend to other local authorities and organisations looking to implement a text to speech service.


Instead of spending costly time in recording speech, ReadSpeaker made it possible to automatically generate a text-to-speech version of the Sochi 2014 website.

Aleksey Shekastov, Head of Web Design and Sites Developing Division (INET)