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Reach all employees and enhance performance.

Offering a corporate learning environment means your employees have access to a knowledge database at all times. Increase the accessibility of your learning environment by offering text to speech. Employees can listen while reading, increasing comprehension and retention. Additionally, your learning environment instantly becomes more accessible to those who do not speak the language fluently.



  • Do you want to give your employees access to a large database of corporate knowledge?
  • Do you want to ensure all employees understand and can access learning information?
  • Do you want to meet the legal requirement of providing supplemental content?
  • Do you want to cost-effectively add speech to your serious games or other learning environment, without using voice actors?



With ReadSpeaker text to speech, you can:

  • Present educational content in a way that increases comprehension.
  • Increase the accessibility of your text content.
  • Meet the needs of and reach a larger percentage of employees, such as those with visual impairments or reading difficulties and non-native speakers of the language.
  • Cost-effectively add speech to your digital content.



Online Reading Solutions

Add text to speech to your online learning environment with our streaming technology. Implement one of our online reading solutions within your learning management system and your employees can listen to content with one click of the ReadSpeaker Listen button. Employees will benefit from bimodal content presentation: listening and reading at the same time with ReadSpeaker’s synchronized highlighting feature. Electude is the world’s leading automative e-learning company, and uses ReadSpeaker within its learning environment to provide vocational education concerning the automative industry. Learners can listen to content in ten languages. Because the audio is generated on-the-fly, should Electude change the content and/or add new content, these updates will be automatically and instantly speech-enabled with ReadSpeaker.



Production Technology

If streaming audio isn’t the right solution for your corporate learning environment, it’s possible to produce the audio. Using ReadSpeaker TTS Production API and/or ReadSpeaker speechMaker, create audio files that can then be uploaded into the learning management system or portal. If needed, these files can also be used offline, so your training is available whenever, wherever, even if not connected to the Internet. Business Lease offers ‘care lease’: automative leasing for individuals and companies. All employees are fully integrated into the corporate environment, where the customer service is of the utmost importance. Employees regularly refresh their knowledge using the eLearning modules of Business Lease. With the use of ReadSpeaker TTS Production API, Business Lease produced all audio which was then uploaded into the eLearning modules so employees can enhance their learning experience with audio. Learn more about Business Lease in a case study.


Serious Games

Serious games are games for purposes other than entertainment– typically for learning purposes. These games may include simulations, and are made to correspond to real-world events. Text to speech can be integrated into serious games as streaming (on-the-fly conversion to audio) or as production (audio files that are then integrated into the game). With multiple voices per language, text to speech provides a perfect alternative to voice actors for serious games. Jutten creates state-of-the-art simulation training/serious games for the retail sector with a team of developers, educational experts, software engineers, designers, and project leaders. Using ReadSpeaker’s TTS Production API, Jutten has decreased its costs significantly (compared to using voice actors). Additionally, Jutten is in a position to produce audio much faster, and make any corrections or adjustments if necessary. Learn more about Jutten in a case study.