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ReadSpeaker for Educational Publishing

ReadSpeaker for Educational Publishing

Give your content a competitive edge.

Striving to make e-textbooks and online documents accessible to as many of your readers as possible, ReadSpeaker serves and supports companies and organizations in the ePublishing and eLearning segments by providing a range of tools and solutions for electronic book conversion, enriching publications with speech, and online speech enabling.


    • Do you want to help learners achieve higher academic and professional performance?
    • Do you want to separate yourself from the competition, by offering new features?
    • Do you want to meet the legal requirement for accessible content?
  • Do you want to meet the needs of different learning styles by offering different ways to access content?


With ReadSpeaker text to speech, you can:

    • Add a unique selling factor to your content to distinguish it from other resources.

    • Present educational content in a way that increases student comprehension.

    • Increase the accessibility of your content.

  • Meet the needs of and reach a larger percentage of learners, such as those with visual impairments or reading difficulties and foreign students.

  • Make it easier for students to access materials on mobile devices.

With resulting improvements in word recognition, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, accuracy, and recall of material, as well as increased motivation and enhanced confidence, text to speech is rapidly becoming a requirement for academic content. Whether you create assessment content, manage library reference works, or produce online textbooks, by integrating ReadSpeaker’s technology you can offer content that is easier to access and is presented in a flexible way that adapts to different learning styles. Our web-based solutions are easy to integrate and allow your content to be automatically updated and accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device. If you need off-line solutions, our production services allow for seamless creation of digital talking books that can be read both on- and off-line.

Accessible Publishing Solutions

Complete solutions for your accessible publishing projects, both on- and off-line.

Online Reading Solutions

Complete solutions for your online textbook platforms and more.

Case Studies

Learn about how educational publishers have used ReadSpeaker text-to-speech solutions in their digital content.