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Audio Support for Assessments

Accommodate the Needs of Test Takers

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Learners with reading or cognitive difficulties, low vision, or language learners, require accommodations in order to understand instructions and assessment questions. Speech-enabling presents assessment content in a way that’s easier for learners to digest so educators and corporate trainers can focus on monitoring and evaluating learning.

Having content read aloud leads to more accurate, useful assessments.

ReadSpeaker provides embedded speech engines as well as cloud-based solutions that convert text into lifelike audio to make assessment content more accommodating. The solutions are lightweight and easy to implement, offering the same voice across all major Operating Systems. Customizable, high-quality voices provide a faultless reading experience by using default and customer-specific pronunciation dictionaries.

ReadSpeaker for Assessments

Flexible solutions to fit specific assessment needs.

Online Reading

Instantly add lifelike audio to any online content.

Offline Audio Files

Automatically and seamlessly create audio files.

Easy Integration for Delivery:


Cloud-based Assessments

Through a Custom Browser

Lock-Down Browsers for Assessments

On Learners’ Desktops

Locally Installed Assessment Applications