ReadSpeaker Mini Grant

ReadSpeaker is a global leader in text-to-speech (TTS) technology. We offer dynamic solutions in online and offline text to speech, providing high quality, lifelike voices. ReadSpeaker’s unique end-to-end technology platform allows control for real-time adjustments. This makes for​ a better user experience with constantly improving voices.

What We Believe In

  • It should be as easy to listen to the web as printing or sharing a web page.
  • We believe in the benefits of web-based products. ReadSpeaker products are all web-based, which means:
    • No downloads are required
    • They are easy to implement
    • They can be accessed from any location
    • They work with all browsers (IE 6 and up, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, Chrome, Lynx, etc.)
    • They are always up to date
    • They are secure and backed-up
  • Accessibility, device independence, and code validation are all important, and we have our views on them.
  • Our best advertisement is what our customers think of us. We always aim to give them quick, efficient, and to-the-point support.


  • 10 individual webReader accounts for 1 year embedded into existing SoftChalk accounts. ReadSpeaker webReader is one of our text-to-speech products which also has several other accessibility tools such as a page mask and a reading ruler.
  • Individuals selected to participate will be sponsored for their 2019 LMS Conference and will present findings with ReadSpeaker.


  • Grants will be made to individuals using various Learning Management Systems (LMS) and in both Higher Ed and K-12.


  • To gather data on the inclusion of webReader with the hypothesis of webReader aiding in the success for students.


  • Provide grade data and teaching methodology for existing courses using SoftChalk from the previous term/year.
  • These same courses must be offered with essentially the same lessons for the fall term.
    At the end of the fall grant term, provide the grade data and teaching methodology about the SoftChalk courses taught with the inclusion of ReadSpeaker webReader. These courses must be the same courses as taught without the inclusion of ReadSpeaker webReader.
  • Instruction of how to use webReader will be provided to the class as part of a lesson.
  • Grade data is defined as the grade distribution for each class:
    • Total number of A’s
    • Total number of B’s
    • Total number of C’s
    • Total number of D’s
    • Total number of F’s
    • Total number of withdrawals
    • Total number of incompletes
  • Teaching Methodology is defined as:
    • Traditional or Face-to-Face (F2F): 100% in a classroom/lab with an instructor/teacher
    • Hybrid or Blended: Some online instruction and some F2F instruction. The course credit hours reflect the separation of the two types of instruction. In addition, flipped learning would be considered as hybrid or blended.
    • Online: 100% instruction is given online.
  • Completion of application by July 31, 2018. Please submit your application duly filled out to


  • Recipients will be notified by August 3, 2018.
  • ReadSpeaker Support will work to implement webReader by the August 30, 2018.

> Download the full application here (PDF link)