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Happy Spring from the ReadSpeaker team

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Spring has sprung and the team at ReadSpeaker is pleased to send you some information that we hope you will find interesting while you are planning for the next school year.

  • Educators are finding that offering text to speech to all students leads to higher comprehension rates. Find out more about Universal Design for Learning and how it can enhance the education experience. Sit back and listen or download.
  • What exactly is ‘LTI’ and how can it make an LMS more efficient? Watch the video to find out more.
  • ReadSpeaker supports all major Learning Management Systems and has various important partnership programs in place. Find out more…
  • Click the Listen button above. Like what you hear? That’s Sophie, ReadSpeaker’s newest voice! Try all of our voices here.
  • Learn more, have a chat, and watch a demo! We’ll be at the following events, among others. Contact us for more information or to set up some time with our team.
    • 4/20/2016: OLC Innovate/SkillsCommons conference, New Orleans, Booth 3
    • 5/23/2016: IMS Global Conference, San Antonio
    • 7/12/2016: BBWorld 2016, Las Vegas
    • 7/18/2016: FUSION 2016, Washington DC
    • 7/19/2016: InstructureCon, Keystone Colorado

We are growing. Please note our new office address: 3 Allied Drive, Suite 303 Dedham, MA 02067 Our telephone and emails remain the same. Kind regards, The ReadSpeaker Team.