New ReadSpeaker TextAid Features

ReadSpeaker is pleased to announce that the latest version of ReadSpeaker TextAid has just been released. We’ve added some great new features for ‘Complete’ and ‘Education Institution’ subscribers, such as:

  • Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive integration. Documents can be downloaded from Google Drive/Microsoft OneDrive to TextAid’s library and TextAid texts and documents can be uploaded to Google Drive/Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Automatic page flip.* The document reader will automatically flip pages and continue reading. This setting can be found in the Document reading settings window.
  • Dictation.** Click on the microphone icon in the text editor for speech-to-text functionality. What you say will be written out for you.

And the team has continued to make our existing features even better for all subscribers and trial users:

  • Annotations can now be read out
  • Page mask and reading ruler size can be adjusted
    A reading speed slider has been added to the toolbar in text editor (speedometer icon)
  • The calculator now displays the mathematical expression (the calculation and the result).
  • The ability to look up a word in dictionary has been added to the text editor
  • Text size can be adjusted using + and – buttons in the text editor toolbar

Log in to your account to try the new features or if you aren’t a ReadSpeaker TextAid Complete user yet, sign up for a free trial or upgrade to Complete and see why ReadSpeaker TextAid is the best reading, writing and study tool on the market today.


* Does not work on mobile devices.
** Supported languages:
Arabic, Catalan, Chinese (Hong Kong SAR, Mandarin, Taiwanese), Danish, Dutch, English (Australian, British, Indian, New Zealand, US), Finnish, French (Canadian, European), German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian (Bokmål), Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian, European), Russian, Swedish, Spanish (European, Mexican)