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Looking for a way to extend your reach and make content more engaging for your customers? Achieve this now by adding a high-quality text-to-speech solution that you can easily implement in your locally hosted servers.
Discover the different customers who can benefit from Offline TTS Software here: Who Benefits?

With ReadSpeaker’s TTS solution, you can effortlessly generate your own audio files using the latest, most lifelike text-to-speech technology. Instantly convert your written text into high-quality, lifelike speech for use in all types of applications and verticals.

Accessibility and functionality go hand-in-hand. As the media landscape continues to evolve, versatility is essential. Add the powerful benefits of TTS to your next development project with our versatile, streamlined SDK.

Easily Deploy Text-to-Speech

Designing software with your audience’s needs in mind? Every developer knows that accessibility is everything. Choose a Software Development Toolkit (SDK) to add text-to-speech (TTS) capability to your next project, and bring your text to life. The SDK includes all the tools developers need for easy Text to Speech integration, including example programs with source code for the most popular programming languages and platforms, from iOS to Linux. It’s all been built to support developers in rolling out flexible, world-class services:

  • Improve accessibility by speaking the users’ languages, clearly, naturally, and accurately. ReadSpeaker supports a total of 51 voices in 22 languages, including regional variants of French, Spanish, English, and Portuguese.
  • Enable Text to Speech that doesn’t require an internet connection. With integrated TTS, users enjoy the benefits of speech-enabled text for offline reading, mobile apps, and software use.
  • SDK is compatible with the most widely used programming languages and development platforms, including Android, Windows, OSx, iOS, Linux, and Linux Embedded.
  • Develop for a wide range of devices and applications, from cable TV set-top boxes to ATMs and mobile apps. The SDK makes integrating TTS simple, no matter what type of project or field you’re working on.

At ReadSpeaker, we aim to make life as easy as possible for developers. Our embedded SDK solutions are designed with your needs in mind. We offer you all the tools you need to integrate text-to-speech into your next project:

  • Whether you’re developing software or hardware for health care, education – or for any other market – making the services you roll out as usable and accessible as possible creates better user experience.
  • ReadSpeaker offers SDKs for the most popular platforms as well as local server solutions, allowing you to reach the broadest audience and provide services that truly enhance your users’ daily lives.
  • Integrate TTS software into your server architecture and enjoy the wide-ranging benefits that come with giving your server a voice.
  • TTS adds functionality, versatility, and accessibility to any text-based content. For users with learning disabilities, literacy challenges, visual impairments, and second-language learners, TTS often makes all the difference in terms of accessibility.
  • Easily install and integrate TTS as a web service on your server, or generate speech from a command line application.
  • Give our TTS voices a try – you’ll find it hard to believe they’re not human. Forget the cost and complexity of studio recordings and roll out highly cost effective services in a wide array of languages from around the world.
  • If you need to add TTS technology to your software or hardware when it is not online, we can also offer TTS licenses for embedding.

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Who Benefits?

Text-to-speech is becoming increasingly common in our daily lives, on our favorite websites and in our most accessible apps. This is great news!

Some applications aren’t as widely known, yet they improve quality of life, every day. Here are a few of the ones we’re familiar with, but there’s unlimited potential for TTS application:


The big-ticket item, and still as important as ever. Text-to-speech opens the online world – and beyond – for people with learning disabilities, visual impairments, and literacy challenges. The internet should be accessible to everyone, and text to speech helps make that goal a reality. You can help your customer turn text-based content into accessible audio.


Text to speech makes it easier to provide services and solutions that can enhance people’s daily travel experiences and optimise resources and safety.

Education and E-Learning

Text to speech provides an easy way to convert learning and test-based content into a format that is both more effective and less costly to roll out.


With text to speech, you can save content and listen to it whenever your schedule allows it. Human-like text to speech also works on gaming consoles, apps, and entertainment websites.


Text to speech allows you to customize your company’s services – be they IVR, web or mobile-based – with voices that provide your customers an engaging customer experience.

Media Notifications

Text to speech allows you to reach the maximum audience when you broadcast critical information but also newsworthy content.

Health Care

Text to speech offers numerous benefits for home and public healthcare, from reading prescription labels to providing instructions on using medical devices, to GP or specialist appointment reminders to name but a few.