ReadSpeaker for Blackboard

Blackboard Logo Blackboard is one of the market leaders in Learning Management Systems.Blackboard’s flagship LMS, Blackboard Learn, is available for integration onto clients’ servers or as a cloud-based service (Blackboard Managed Hosting).

ReadSpeaker is a Signature Partner of Blackboard, providing a building block in order to integrate ReadSpeaker into the Blackboard Learn environment. Easy to integrate, ReadSpeaker can be used by students to read aloud course content in both HTML and document format.

Do you have different schools or lots of courses within one Blackboard Learn environment and don’t wish to add text-to-speech functionality to everything? ReadSpeaker is available per course in Blackboard Learn, so administrators can turn on/off the listen functionality on a course-by-course basis.

See how ReadSpeaker works with Blackboard Learn: