ReadSpeaker docReader

Make your online documents (PDF, Powerpoint, Excel, Word, ePub, Apache OpenOffice, and more) audible and therefore accessible to as many readers as possible. Your documents can be listened to on any device at any time – no plugins required.

Discover the latest features for ReadSpeaker docReader here:

How Online Documents Are Read with ReadSpeaker docReader

  1. A ReadSpeaker Listen icon will show next to your document link.*
    *You may also embed documents in docReader in your webpage as shown below.
  2. Clicking the Listen icon opens your document in ReadSpeaker docReader in a new window (or tab).
  3. Clicking the Listen button in ReadSpeaker docReader will start the reading of the full page. The content will be read aloud in a lifelike text-to-speech voice and highlighted at the same time.

ReadSpeaker docReader can read documents in 50+ languages! The user interface is available in 19 languages. The toolbar enables the user to browse, read, and listen to the document, and now, the user has access to even more tools:

  • Dynamic Toolbar: For a friendlier user interface, some tools have been moved from the top toolbar to an expandable/collapsible additional toolbar which opens/closes by clicking on the “More tools” button.
  • Word Lookup: Select a word and learn its definition. This dictionary tool instantly reinforces and expands vocabulary so that everyone understands your content. Contact ReadSpeaker to activate Word Lookup in your account.*
    *supported only for certain languages. For a complete list of languages, see here.
  • Highlighter: the user can highlight sections of text in different colors and collect and save the highlighted texts in a PDF. Contact ReadSpeaker to activate the Highlighter in your account.

As always, users can control the layout, reading speed, text appearance, and highlighting. They can also control whether text sections will be read by selecting text and clicking the Listen button or whether just clicking in a paragraph will start the reading. All settings can be found under “More Tools” through the Settings button (cog wheel icon).

Supported Document Formats

  • Apache OpenOffice/LibreOffice Presentation, Open Document Presentation (.odp)
  • Apache OpenOffice/LibreOffice Spreadsheet, Open Document Spreadsheet (.ods)
  • Apache OpenOffice/LibreOffice  Writer, Open Document Text (.odt)
  • ePub (.epub)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.pps, .ppt, .pptx)
  • Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)
  • Portable Document Format (.pdf)
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)

Product Sheet

ReadSpeaker ReadSpeaker docReader (opens in ReadSpeaker docReader)

Optimizing Document Viewing and Listening

  • Your online documents will be viewable in all browsers, even on mobile devices.
  • The docReader interface can be completely customized using CSS. Add your logo and styles to create your own branded version of docReader.
  • It is possible to configure the reading options available to your users, including the possibility to download the audio file of the document.
  • ReadSpeaker docReader has a touch-friendly user interface and HTML5 support for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and newer Android devices.
  • Users can easily navigate through the document table of contents if it exists or use thumbnail navigation to go directly to each page.
  • Auto-tagging of untagged PDFs: ReadSpeaker docReader will guess the structure of the document if there is no structure markup (i.e. untagged PDFs) to optimize the display of the document.
  • In the new release, the documents are shown with a much higher quality appearance, making them even easier to read.

Supported Languages

Below is a list of supported user interface languages. docReader has many more reading languages. Please refer to our voices and languages page for our available text-to-speech voices.

  • Arabic
  • Catalan
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Faroese
  • Finnish
  • French
  • Galician
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian (Bokmål)
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

Try It Out

Click the ReadSpeaker docReader Listen icon next to any document link on this site or click the Listen button below to listen to the following document.