ReadSpeaker plugin for WordPress to the Enterprise

VoiceCorp are happy to announce the release of a plug-in for ReadSpeaker Enterprise services for the WordPress publishing platform. More and more companies as well as media organizations use the WordPress platform to create websites and blogs. The platform is easy to use as well as it is easy to customize and maintain. With this new plug-in, the ReadSpeaker Enterprise Expanding Player is implemented in no time and with just the click of a few buttons. The plug-in adds a Listen-button to each blog post and enables the visitor to listen to each post/article. It works pretty much like the Listen function on this blog (which is also built on the WordPress platform). With ReadSpeaker Enterprise, the customer can also customize the user experience by having a selection of many different languages and voices.

2 thoughts on “ReadSpeaker plugin for WordPress to the Enterprise

  1. Alan says:

    Where can I get this plugin from?
    It is not in the WordPress plugin directory.

  2. Hi Alan! Great that you are interested in our services. The plugin is not there because ReadSpeaker Enterprise is a service you buy from us. And as a customer to us you can get a ready wordpress plugin for the service. Read more about ReadSpeaker Enterprise here:

    Hope this answered your (and others, maybe?) question. Welcome to contact us directly if you have other questions on ReadSpeaker Enterprise.

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