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ReadSpeaker podCaster

Give your users more ways to consume your online content by speech-enabling your RSS feeds.

Easy and Inexpensive Solution

ReadSpeaker podCaster™ is an automatic podcasting service that lets you create high-quality, fully automated podcasts from your RSS feeds using the latest text-to-speech technology. All processing, recording, and publication are handled automatically with no need for studios, recording technicians, or voice actors. Your news items become instantly available in audio form allowing for easy access anytime and anywhere. ReadSpeaker podCaster is available in three different packages, but we also provide tailor-made solutions and even offer advertisement-sponsored versions.

Benefits for Your Users

Enrich the user experience by providing an audio version of your text content wherever and whenever your users want as easily as possible. Listening to your RSS feeds enables users to:

  • Keep up to date with your latest news
  • Listen to your news in situations where reading is impractical, such as when driving, traveling, or exercising, or where reading is not comfortable due to different kinds of disabilities
  • Listen to your feeds on multiple devices such as iPhones, MP3 players, and Android-powered phones

Try It Out

Copy/paste our podcast feed into your favorite podcast reader (like iTunes for example) and listen to our blog updates. This will show you how ReadSpeaker podCaster works in action.