ReadSpeaker TextAid for Educational Use

Literacy Support

Girl using ReadSpeaker Text Aid“I’m a reader!”

ReadSpeaker TextAid literacy software builds confidence and lifelong learning skills by helping students achieve academic success.

Reading and Writing Support

• Bimodal presentation improves comprehension by presenting information in visual and audio formats at the same time
• OpenDyslexic font and reading tools available for increased readability
• Text is read back as the student types for better understanding (including spell check)
• Multiple languages available for language fluency
• Translation check and pronunciation of foreign words and phrases

Study Support

• Upload documents in multiple formats, including scanned documents and images, for access at any time
• Students can save texts for easy retrieval
• One-click web reading in an invaluable research tool

Autonomy, Self-Esteem, and Motivation

• Increases motivation, self-confidence, and performance
• Comprehension of texts encourages continued learning and the development of lifelong skills
• Learners can listen to texts and documents from any device
• Independence allows students to choose when, where and what they read, motivating reluctant readers to read more

Consult our reports and white papers, read our case studies, or learn more about the benefits of bimodal content presentation for literacy support.