ReadSpeaker TextAid for Educational Use


I find TextAid far more user friendly, quicker and more accessible than other solutions on the market. Plus now I can work independently, on any device. I’m also a fan of working with the OCR and storing my OCR-ed photos of text.

Dyslexic and autistic student, Netherlands


It’s much easier to do corrections on the text…. and I can study even while I’m doing my fitness!

Hubert Jäger, Germany

So I’m able to take TextAid with me anywhere I go. I don’t need my personal computer to use it.

Golda Lawson-Cohen, United States

Since I have dyslexia, TextAid is of great help to me when I’m reading text material . I’m studying for driving instructors and before I got TextAid, my partner had to read aloud to me because I myself do not have the energy to get through long texts. TextAid has made it possible for me to avoid having to involve others in my study , which gives me greater freedom and flexibility to choose when and where to read the material I receive. I get a large part of my study material on email , so it is simplicity itself to copy the text into TextAid and get it read. It is especially good for me that the sentence and the word that is read in the moment is also marked so that I can easily follow the text . I really appreciate TextAid and would heartily recommend it to others.

Mattias, Sweden

I like using ReadSpeaker TextAid. My mum, who speaks fluent French and Italian, and was head of a language department in a secondary school, tried it too. She thinks the text and verbal translations are quite good.

Jo, United Kingdom