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ReadSpeaker speechMaker Desktop

Natural sounding text to speech voices that communicate effectively and clearly.

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Quality and accuracy are essential. Don’t settle for monotonous and robotic when you can have TTS voices that speak in a clear, lifelike and expressive way. Give your users the best listening experience with ReadSpeaker TTS voices.

Exceptional performance from natural-sounding voices

ReadSpeaker provides voices that are extremely accurate, clear and natural, and ready to express your content intelligently. Optimized for your specific platform, they’re designed to deliver the highest quality sound and exceptional performance every time. Communication has never been easier or more effective.

A world-class family of voices

Engage multilingual customers from across the globe. Today,ReadSpeaker gives your content a voice in 30+ languages and 90+ voices. More languages are on their way.

Create engaging content communicated in your voice

ReadSpeaker speechMaker Desktop is our easy-to-use solution for static audio production. It’s an intuitive tool for tailoring text content and manually generating offline speech files of the highest quality.

Adjust speed and pitch to fit your application perfectly. ReadSpeaker synthetic voices come with pronunciation dictionaries that cover most of a language’s pronunciations. However, there can be exceptions and when you need to fine-tune pronunciation, it’s easy to do so with speechMaker Desktop.


Audio publishing

Get rid of barriers to content accessibility. Enable inclusive access involving the ears as much as the eyes. Add text to speech to news articles, blogs, websites and audiobooks


Create custom modules for foreign language students to tune in to the language, or TTS files for e-learning courses—quickly and efficiently.


Reduce costs by routing calls effectively. Use ReadSpeaker speechMaker Desktop to instantly customize your static voice prompts.

Start using Text to Speech today

Make your products more engaging with our voice solutions.

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