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VoiceText Embedded SDK

Effortlessly embed VoiceText Embedded SDK into your application

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VoiceText Embedded SDK is designed to provide developers with the necessary tools to create the best synthetic speech applications, on any kind of embedded or mobile device you can imagine.

VoiceText Embedded SDK is a one stop shop for all your embedded applications.

Whether you’re creating an educational mobile app or adding voice feedback to a wellness tracker, ReadSpeaker has the solution for your embedded requirements.


Exceptional performance from natural-sounding voices

ReadSpeaker text to speech voices are extremely accurate, clear and natural, and ready to express your content in a way that will delight your end-users. Our TTS voices are designed to deliver the highest quality sound and exceptional performance every time and we optimise them to fit your requirements perfectly.

A world-class family of voices

Engage multilingual customers from across the globe. Today, ReadSpeaker does text to voice in 20+ languages and 70+ voices —and more languages are on their way.

Flexible footprint

When your requirement is high quality text to speech in an extra-light footprint, ReadSpeaker delivers according to your needs.

A variety of audio formats and sampling rates

VoiceText Embedded SDK supports PCM audio output.

Support for your preferred platform

VoiceText Embedded SDK is specifically designed to help app developers quickly and seamlessly integrate ReadSpeaker’s voices into their applications. A range of mobile operating systems is supported, including iOS, Android, embedded Linux, and more.

Please contact ReadSpeaker if you have other specifications to meet.

System requirements


iOS Android, Embedded Linux, WinCE 3.0 or higher, Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher
(Other OS can be ported upon request)


ARM 170 MHz X-Scale, SH3, SH4, x86, MIPS (custom)


6 – 30 MB

Voice Footprint

5 MB to 64 MB per voice*
*smaller sizes may be available for certain voices



Give users a way to communicate and take in information easily. Integrate ReadSpeaker TTS voices into AAC devices, mobile applications, DAISY digital talking books, and more.

Announcement Systems

Enhance emergency management and disaster prevention by enriching human-machine interface functionality. Always know what is happening when an alarm activates. Trigger voice messages to notify operators about a situation.


Put your mind to the test. Sharpen memory, increase focus, and keep your mind trained with text to voice  brain training apps.

Health Care

Stay on track in your commitment to a healthier lifestyle thanks to voice notifications that motivate you to exercise, stay hydrated, take a break from your computer, etc.

Mobile Devices

Rest your eyes, relax and recharge your batteries while you stay up to date on current affairs, learn new languages or enjoy a great audiobook—with your eyes closed.


Interactive toys and robots become even more engaging with our text to voice solutions, which are easily integrated to enable lifelike interaction.


Drive safe and smart with our natural-sounding TTS directions. Reach your destination confidently and efficiently.