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Download high-quality ReadSpeaker TTS voices for your device from the App Store and Google play store.

Speak TTS

The Speak TTS app is a text to speech app that uses an embedded text-to-speech engine to give a natural voice to apps that leverage system voices on your device. Speak TTS voices sound more natural than default system voices and are currently available in 8 languages: US English, British English, Australian English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch and Swedish.

Speak TTS voices enhance the user experience by enabling a more personalized interaction with apps such as e-books, assistive devices, translation software and more.

The Speak TTS app is installed as a system voice. It can then be used by developers that create applications using Android or iOS system voices to speech enable their apps provided at least one voice app has been installed on the device.


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The NewsSpeak app uses the VoiceText embedded text-to-speech engine to keep you up to date on what’s happening by reading you the latest news stories based on the preferences you have selected. This app offers many features to suit any news enthusiast – catering to the needs of visually impaired users, commuters or just anyone who enjoys listening to the news.

NewsSpeak offers a choice of 7 different natural sounding voices. Choose between multiple news categories to tailor the app according to your personal interests.

Create and save your playlist and listen to articles in any order you prefer. Read an article of your choosing and follow along with our convenient text highlighting. Simply swipe to browse through full page articles, search for articles using specific keywords and share articles with family and friends so you can keep them up to date too!


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