ReadSpeaker offers great text-to-speech functionality that seems to be the best and most natural voices available on the market. Integration of ReadSpeaker is very easy but if needed there is a dedicated support team available for all your questions.
Bram Fabeck, Project Manager
Integration with ReadSpeaker was simple, seamless and absolutely worth the time. They provide the tools and direction and you just sit back and enjoy the ride.
Brad Gessell, CEO
We want our services and information to be available for all people. We were approached by a range of other text-to-speech providers but the Read Speaker product was by far the easiest to navigate. It was also hugely helpful that consultants were local (in Australia). Our CMS support team had no problems with instructions on implementing and any queries were resolved super-fast even though support was overseas.
Jessica Prochazkova, Web Coordinator
“Ensuring that our courses are both multimedia rich and suitable for all learners is something that is central to our mission,” said Storie Walsh, Director of Instructional Technology for VHS. “ReadSpeaker was a natural fit because it gives all of our students an audio option. ReadSpeaker’s integration with the D2L Learning Environment made it easy for VHS to implement the browser-based solution. Within seconds, the organization enabled it on a course level and within all lesson documents so VHS students can have all course web pages and documents read to them with one click of a button. Since implementing the technology, we’ve been encouraged by how popular it’s been.”
Storie Walsh, Director of Instructional Technology
CNBC Arabiya chose ReadSpeaker due to its accuracy and position in the market as best Arabic voice reader.
Sahar Ibrahim, Senior Producer- New Media
The Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services within the ACT Government has implemented ReadSpeaker across the departmental website to ensure the content and documents are accessible to all clients and members of the public generally. The “Listen to this Page” function was implemented using the “Enterprise Expanding Player with Embedded Highlighting” and "docReader” has been added for documents, as has the ability to download to mp3. Accessibility is vital to the department, which is client service focused, and Readspeaker has enabled equal access to information - a top priority. Implementation was easy and the customer service received by the Online Services Team was excellent. This package has facilitated the leadership in accessible websites across the ACT Government.
Online Services, Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services
The Belgian socialist party, Socialistische Partij Anders, uses ReadSpeaker on their website.
We want our message to be picked up by as many people as possible. ReadSpeaker helps us in advance to make our website more accessible for people that have difficulty with texts on a computer screen. Not only people with a visual impairment, but also for people with attention deficit disorders, dyslexia, non-native speakers, and those with low literacy. I would also like to show my appreciation for the smooth installation of the ReadSpeaker package and pleasant communication with the ReadSpeaker team.
Stijn Vercamer, Deputy Director Communications
Mid Sweden University has 21 500 students and offers a wide range of courses within the educational fields of social science, media, healthcare, IT, natural science, technology, as well as languages. Mid Sweden University has added the ReadSpeaker listen function to their website. They selected Expanding Player with Embedded Highlighting. Additionally, they opted for docReader to provide their users with the option to have their online documents read out loud. The target group of Mid Sweden University are prospective, current and former students, international students, researchers, staff, media and businesses or organizations who want to collaborate with the University.
We wanted to implement a listen function for our online text and documents to make our website accessible even to visitors who find it difficult to read. Accessibility is important for our site. We looked around and tested different websites with different speech solutions. The best we found was ReadSpeaker. When we saw that Swedish Parliament was using ReadSpeaker, we were convinced that we should go for it. We are very satisfied with the ReadSpeaker listen function. It was easy to implement. It works very well and it sounds good, even in Swedish, which is very unusual. ReadSpeaker is definitely the best solution we have found. Also we are very satisfied with the Support people of ReadSpeaker, who have been great to talk with and very helpful.
Bengt Nilsson, Web Coordinator
Learning Disabilities Worldwide, Inc. is proud to partner with ReadSpeaker! LDW, believes strongly in helping individuals with learning and related school issues to succeed in their academic career around the world. The ReadSpeaker solution meets all of our goals and then some. It is easy to use, and the staff at ReadSpeaker are wonderful to work with. It is a respected company worldwide, and LDW works to enhance the lives of individuals around the world. We are ecstatic to partner with a company that is the premier of meeting the needs of children worldwide. We love that their products are easy to use, are available in many languages, and most of all that they care about individuals with reading and related issues. I believe ReadSpeaker should be available in every school system around the world and in the hands of children who suffer with these types of issues. It changes and really makes a difference for children everywhere!
Teresa Allissa Citro, Chief Executive Officer
Lumina Foundation is a private, independent foundation established in Indianapolis in August 2000 that strives to help people achieve their potential by expanding access to and success in education beyond high school. Lumina is committed to enrolling and graduating more students from college. It is the United States' largest foundation dedicated exclusively to increasing students’ access to and success in postsecondary education.
ReadSpeaker allowed Lumina Foundation to enable our entire website text with speech in a matter of minutes. Implementation of the software was simple thanks to ReadSpeaker's clearly-written documentation and support staff. The natural vocal delivery was a pleasant surprise. Readspeaker's linguists even worked with my staff to perfect some difficult-to-pronounce proper names on our site. I couldn't be happier with the product or the service we received.
Juan Kiko Suarez, Vice President of External Affairs